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If you have anyone who reports to you and you want to be an effective leader, we highly recommend this book.  From neuroscience to practical coaching steps, Patty lays it out in an easy to read book that will help you support your team.  

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This book was recommended to me by my coaching peeps. Subtitled, "How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action" this book will get you to understand your own why and helps those you work with to do the same. 

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I started reading this book, and then my daughter took it. She shared the book with a friend. By the time I got it back they had both shared their thoughts and left notes for me in the book. It is that kind of book. A lovely book about humanity.  A wonderful read. 

the heart is a lonely hunter.webp

Again with the neuroscience of coaching - another book on why coaching helps everyone become the leader they are hoping to be. With the Positive Intelligence course we offer, you get the first 8 chapters as an audiobook. But if you prefer a hardback you can order one online. 

positive intelligence book.jpg

This book was required reading for our coach training. It has become the most dog eared and highlighted book we have.   This book is great for anyone considering a transition, or starting out in their career. 

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My new book club selection. Our book club leader works for the King County Library. Everything she recommends becomes a favorite. 

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