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Coaching with Dawn


Dawn started working with a coach when searching for a way to bring more fulfillment into her current her job at the time. She found the work they did together so effective and moving that she decided to look into becoming a coach. As someone who friends, family and colleagues sought out for advice, coaching was a natural fit.

At the onset of Covid, Dawn immersed herself into her coaching realizing that this was her calling and that people more than ever were in need of someone to help them explore their possibilities.

Dawn's niche is individuals who are compelled to make a difference, big or small; or individuals going through work or life transitions. Because of her work with breast cancer patients she has a special affinity to anyone struggling with an illness or major life change.

When she isn't coaching Dawn is happiest when hanging out with her family, gardening, cycling or exploring new places with John.

Contact Dawn if...

  • You are a parent wanting to forge a better relationship with your child(ren) or spouse.

  • Feeling stuck in your life, personal, career or both.

  • You are looking to find purpose in your work, or find work with a purpose.

  • Moving towards retirement but not to retire

  • You have been recently diagnosed with breast or other cancers and want additional support during this time.

Dawn also takes teams or individuals through an eight-week mental fitness training. Click the PQ page to learn more.

Coaching with John

John is a life-long sports, business, clinician and non-profit mentor, leader and 'coach'. Once his wife became a certified coach he decided to use his sage experience to enhance his coaching effectiveness by becoming a 'certified' coach as well.

John's niches are individuals and teams looking to maximize their effectiveness and potential in life/ and or work, through coaching. From coaching high potential managers and executives in all sectors, to physicians and nurses, to those looking at career or life transitions; John is uniquely experienced and qualified to help.

When he's not coaching John loves to spend time cycling, golf, watching movies and exploring both near and far-off places with Dawn. With a blended family of 6 kids John and Dawn are also looking to working with couples looking to improve their relationships through coaching.


Contact John  if... 

  • You or your organization are ready to elevate you level of individual or team performance 

  •  As a leader you are committed to improved morale and a developing a more people-centric culture

  • A nurse or physician struggling, looking to be more fulfilled, especially during this post-pandemic times.

  • You are struggling with job or career choices, looking to improve your position, move up or move to your next career

  • You are dealing with a transition in your life and are looking at options to overcome obstacles, get back on track and/or explore your possibilities. 

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