Client Feedback

"This is a deceptively simple yet deeply profound program this is vey effective in helping clients navigate the paths to realizing their deepest purpose and fondest longings".

"I am finding that I am much more focused than I have been. Working on the saboteurs has been good for me".

"The focus on self judgment is really hitting home for me! So much more than I would of imagined." 

"Growth and profound insight has been gained through the Positive Intelligence course. Time to exercise the PQ's and make life changes. Forever grateful!"

What is Positive Intelligence?

It is the process of learning how to:

  • achieve your peak performance

  • gain peace of mind

  • build and maintain healthy relationships


Through the proven practice of developing your capacity to respond to life's challenges. with a positive rather than negative mindset.

This is a six week program, we will meet weekly and you will have guided practice lp you build your "mental muscles."

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