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Change Your Life Using Positive Intelligence - Grow and Exercise Your Mental Muscles

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What if you could be a better leader, better person, find more peace, have a better relationship, and work life balance in just a few weeks? What would your life be like?

Knowing your Saboteurs will help you understand how they affect they way you interact with others. Knowing your Saboteurs will also save you time, lessen your stress and most importantly help you have a positive outlook in all your day to day dealings. What are Saboteurs? They are your strengths that have been taken too far. Find your Saboteurs by taking the Positive Intelligence Saboteur Assessment at the bottom of the page. 

Positive Intelligence is an 8 week course with the option to meet monthly to continue the learning. You will start to notice a difference immediately when taking this program, and by the end of 8 weeks you will see a dramatic difference in your outlook, your relationships and your entire life. 

To get all the science behind the program and to take the Saboteur Assessment go to the link below. 

Once you take the assessment, be sure to sign up for a free Discovery Call to go over your results. 

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Focus on the Positive

Here is how the 8 Week Positive Intelligence Program has helped my clients. 


"I am finding that I am much more focused than I have been. Working on the saboteurs has been good for me".  Linda


""The focus on self-judgment is really hitting home for me! So much more than I would have imagined." This is a deceptively simple yet deeply profound program this is very effective in helping clients navigate the paths to realizing their deepest purpose and fondest longings".  Patricia


"Growth and profound insight has been gained through the Positive Intelligence course. Time to exercise the PQ's and make life changes. Forever grateful!"  Jane

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Boost Performance

PQ for Couples

Interested in the PQ for Couples Program? 

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