Couples Coaching

For Better . . .

As in the case with the two of us, when you got married you probably recited the traditional marriage vows including taking each other ‘for better or for worse, in sickness and in health’. And whether you are married or in another committed relationship, it is generally understood that you will stand by each other and love one another in the good times as well as the bad. And of course, in the beginning, you are immersed in the bliss and the joy you that you fully expect to endure no matter what life throws at you. You are wrapped up in the rapture and craziness of ‘love’ and confidence in the road ahead with your soulmate, your best friend, your forever partner. But inevitably  reality sets in and life does throw you an occasional curve ball, sometimes a lot of curve balls. ‘Stuff happens’, some good and some bad.

So what do we do? Sometimes circumstances become unbearable and choices are limited, and ultimately there is nothing short of having to let go, give up. But, and this is a very large but (no pun intended); no matter how little or seemingly insurmountable the challenges are, in most cases relationships can be saved, improved upon and even enhanced beyond expectations.

Does this sound familiar, are you dealing with:

  • Constant disagreements (bickering to fighting)

  • Financial problems

  • Depression or Illness

  • Sex addictions and loss of trust

  • Issues related to COVID 19

  • Drug or alcohol issues

  • Immediate or extended family friction (family feuds)

  • Issues surrounding separation or divorce

  • Emotional or intimacy disconnect

  • Job/career transitions

  • Some combination any, or all of the above

or just wanting to take your relationship from okay or good, to great


So here we are. John & Dawn Sanders, professional life and relationship coaches. What qualified us to be relationship coaches? Besides being trained and certified coaches we have the ‘school of hard knocks’ credentials including:

  • Both married too young and having children, then dealing with the trials and tribulations of divorce.

  • Then finding each other and getting married (going on 33 years and counting)

  • Having a blended family including two of our own (six children total)

  • Dealing (successfully for the most part) with all of normal, and at times abnormal, situations that come with raising a large blended family, like expenses, career choices, illnesses, broken bones, broken hearts, loss of loved ones and so much more.

  • We are the ones that family and friends, acquaintances and colleagues come to for advice, help and just to open up to as a sounding board or shoulder to lean on.


By utilizing an empathetic but direct style, developing trust through honest questions and conversation; the use of effective assessment tools and incorporating just the right dose of transparency and touch of humor, we can help you explore the possibilities and potential of your relationship. Good relationships make you happier and healthier, period.

There is no quick fix to developing and maintaining strong healthy relationships, it’s a journey. A journey worth committing to and worth working at.