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Relationship Retreat

A chance for couples to reconnect

Join us to cultivate a deeper connection and reignite the passion in your relationship, fostering communication, intimacy, and mutual understanding through tailored activities, reflective discussions, and shared experiences, thereby strengthening your bond and creating lasting memories as you navigate the journey of love and companionship.

Coming soon - Lopez Island Spring of 2024. 


Our Relationship Retreat

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This retreat is for couples who are in a committed relationship who want to rekindle the flame that brought them together in the first place, before life got in the way. You are in love, but you might not have those deep conversations you used to have. You want to make more of those romantic gestures, you want to argue better. You want to bring back the joy that was once the foundation of your relationship. 


Retreat Includes:

  • Private room at Four Kachinas Inn

  • Couples assessment

  • Goal setting pre-event private coaching session

  • Morning meditations

  • Welcome dinner

  • Daily Breakfast

  • Farewell dinner & celebration event

  • Free time to explore the beauty, museums, shops and nightlife of Santa Fe

The Location:

Four Kachinas Inn is just steps away from the heart of the scenic downtown area, providing our retreat guests a short commute to everything Santa Fe has to offer. The Four Kachinas Inn prides itself on offering all the modern amenities of a traditional Santa Fe hotel along with a homey experience. The inn features six uniquely decorated rooms featuring fine linens, air conditioning, private entrances, TVs, Wi-Fi, and more.

You will enjoy your complimentary breakfast in the dining room, on an adjoining patio next to the fountain or in the privacy of your own room patio. 

Lunchtime is your time to explore! Enjoy wandering the nearby shops and checking out the delicious restaurants and cafes of Santa Fe. 

If you are interested in extending your stay to explore Santa Fe and the surround are here are some of our favorite things to do. 


Here is a more extensive list of our favorites.

Your Retreat Takeaways

  Reconnection: You will leave the retreat with a renewed sense of connection and closeness in your relationship, reigniting the spark that brought you together.

  Communication Skills: You will walk away with practical communication techniques and tools to express your feelings effectively, listen with empathy, and navigate conflicts constructively.

  Deepened Intimacy: Through intimate experiences and meaningful conversations, you will deepen your emotional connection and intimacy, creating a stronger bond with your partner.

  Enhanced Understanding: You will gain a deeper understanding of each other's needs, perspectives, and desires, fostering empathy and mutual understanding in your relationship.

  Personal Growth: In addition to strengthening your relationship, you will experience personal growth and self-awareness, gaining insights into yourself and your relationship patterns.

  Joyful Partnership: You will leave the retreat with a renewed sense of joy and fulfillment in your partnership, equipped with the tools to sustain a loving and harmonious relationship.

  Memorable Experience: You will walk away with cherished memories from the retreat, having shared transformative experiences and created lasting bonds with your partner and fellow participants.


Here are some FAQs that people might have about the retreat

  1. What is the cost of the retreat?

    1. Answer: The cost of the retreat is $3250 per couple. However, if you submit your deposit by June 30th, you'll get $250 off the total price

  2. What is included in the retreat package?

    1. Answer: The retreat package includes a private room at Four Kachinas Inn, couples assessment, goal-setting pre-event private coaching session, morning meditations, welcome dinner, daily breakfast, goodbye dinner & celebration event.

  3. Is the retreat suitable for all couples?

    1. Answer: Yes, the retreat is designed for couples who are in a committed relationship and are looking to rekindle the flame in their relationship. Whether you've been together for a few years or several decades, the retreat offers valuable tools and experiences to strengthen your bond.

  4. What happens during the coaching sessions?

    1. Answer: During the coaching sessions, couples will have the opportunity to work with skilled relationship coaches who will provide personalized guidance and support. The sessions may focus on communication skills, conflict resolution, intimacy-building exercises, and strategies for sustaining a healthy relationship.

  5. Do we have to share our personal issues with the group?

    1. Answer: No, participation in group discussions is entirely optional. While there may be opportunities for group sharing and reflection, you are not required to share any personal information if you're not comfortable doing so. The focus is on applying the lessons learned in private sessions with your partner.

  6. What happens if we need to cancel our reservation?

    1. Answer: If you need to cancel your reservation, please refer to our cancellation policy outlined in the terms and conditions. Generally, cancellations made within a certain timeframe may result in a partial or full refund, while late cancellations may incur a fee.

  7. Is transportation provided to and from the retreat location?

    1. Answer: Transportation to and from the retreat location in Santa Fe is not included in the package. However, we can provide recommendations for local transportation options, and there is a train option available for those traveling from Albuquerque to Santa Fe (Rail Runner).


The next chapter can be your most exciting one! Are you ready to rediscover each other and create new adventures?  We designed this retreat just for you because we have been in your shoes. We know how it feels as your kids grow up and the house gets quieter. It feels like so many things are ending, but a beautiful new season is just beginning! Secure your spot and embark on a journey of reconnection, joy, and new beginnings together.

What's not included:

Airfare and transportation to and from the retreat location in Santa Fe.


Dinner on Saturday night

If you don't want to rent a car from Albuquerque to Santa Fe - there is a train option

Rail Runner

Meet the team

John and Dawn Sanders are both executive coaches who have a passion for helping couples explore a deeper path to their relationships. 

They use Positive Intelligence and are also certified as Gottman coaches where they teach the Seven Principals for Making Marriage Work. 

John and Dawn have been married for over 35 years, raised a blended family and enjoy spending time with their grandchildren and granddogs. 

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