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Coaching For Leaders

Coaching for Leaders (CFL)

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Through the years, SeattleCoach has trained hundreds of leaders in tech, healthcare, non-profits, human services, real estate, and other key sectors. ​Now, as a member of this team of world-class SeattleCoaches, we'll equip ​you to meet the growing demand.

We've noticed that  coaching cultures are built and grow on a foundation of three essentials:


  1. Enthusiastic sponsors who understand the ROI of bringing coach training and development to their leaders and people managers.

  2. Leaders and people managers who raise their hands to participate. 

  3. ​And the strategic use of external coaches to coach, train, and facilitate: That's YOU!

Book with John

"John is a leader and a coach that not only understands active listening but practices it. There are times we meet and he brings things up from our prior coaching sessions that i said, that I don’t even remember. He uses the information to talk about trends in behaviors or identify a new approach to a situation. He gets to know you as a person and truly cares about your success. He has helped me grow in my career and his insights and ideas help me grow as a leader. John uses different tools and that help you reflect on yourself in both personal and professional settings. I recommended his services to others in the company and I can already see their growth in self-awareness. If you want someone that cares for you as a person and coaches you to be the best you can be, John would be a great coach for you." - Brittany R 

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