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Change Your Life Using Positive Intelligence - Grow and Exercise Your Mental Muscles


Build and Support your High Performance Teams. The Positive Intelligence (PQ®) program is a mental fitness program based on neuroscience that strengthens both individual productivity and improves team performance across the organization. The PQ program systematically builds the pillars of mental fitness to create sustained improvements in performance, engagement, wellbeing, and relationships, while establishing a growth mindset across your organization.

This is an 8-week, online program. Included in this program:

  • Weekly pod meetings, in groups of up to 6 participants

  • Support emails

  • Access the PQ app with guided practice to help you build your "mental muscles."

  • Daily exercises are short and easy to do, 2-3 minutes each. 

  • Weekly one-hour videos that are broken into short segments, 3-15 minutes each, for more focused learning

  • Total time is equal to 15 minutes per day, a one-hour weekend video, and a pod meeting each week, up to 60 minutes.

  • Best selling audiobook, Positive Intelligence

  • Also included is an additional 3 months of PQ Grow - where you can continue to build your daily practice, take online as learning as needed and either monthly meetings in a group or a 20 minute monthly laser coaching session to keep you on track. 

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