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Mental Fitness

Welcome to the Mental Fitness resource page. Feel free to check out the different videos and Mindfulness Moments. Don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions. 

Resource Videos

The foundation videos for Mental Fitness are included here. These videos will help you understand the science behind Positive Intelligence and Mental Fitness.  For a better understanding, take the Positive Intelligence Assessment first.

Enjoying Outdoor

Mindfulness Moments

Click on these links when you need a few moments to relax, reset or visualize your next steps. 


Engage Fitness Membership - $40/month

With an EngageFitness Monthly membership you will have access to weekly Mental Fitness classes as well as over 80 live and online physical fitness classes each month. Monthly membership are $40. Check out the EngageFitness link to look at the classes and let me know if you would like to try a class for free. 

Mental Fitness Membership - $50/month

With a monthly membership for Mental Fitness you will get everything that Positive Intelligence class offers. This class is for those that are ready to do the work to shift from a positive to a negative mindset. Check out the Positive Intelligence page and then schedule a free one on one so we can talk more about the class including time commitment and class schedule. 

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