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Friday Food For Thought - Building Trust

Updated: Nov 15, 2022

Happy Friday to all of you!

This FFT speaks to the building block necessary for any relationship, work or personal, to thrive and grow. As leaders you have to ask yourself, do I have the trust of those that depend on me? Have I earned that trust through my consistent words and action, through developing that ‘whole person’ connection? Let me know what you think.


"A lack of trust is our greatest expense." - David Horsager Trust is the currency of leadership. Without trust, leadership cannot exist. Without trust, relationships cannot exist. Without trust, influence cannot exist. Without trust, loyalty cannot exist. Without trust, psychological safety cannot exist. Without trust, belonging cannot exist. Without trust, ownership cannot exist. The sketch note below is based on the work of Randy Conley and designed by Tanmay Vora. Conley identifies the "3 Levels of Trust" as: 1. Deterrence-based trust 2. Knowledge-based trust 3. Identity-based trust Knowledge-based trust is based on our experience with people over a period of time. People trust us to do what we do consistently. When we demonstrate that we value and care about our team members consistently, it is a powerful trust and relationship builder. When we do what we say we are going to do consistently, people trust that we will do what we say we are going to do. When we consistently keep confidentiality, people trust us with their most valuable information and feelings. The gold is in number 3, Identity-based trust. 21st Century Leaders understand the importance of leading the whole person. In order to lead the whole person, we must care about and get to know the whole person. We believe one of the most powerful Identity-Based Trust builders is EMPATHY. When leaders demonstrate empathy, they learn their team members' hopes, dreams, goals, ambitions, fears, and doubts. When we demonstrate empathy, we connect on a foundational human level that accelerates trust and builds strong relationships. This level of trust is where psychological safety, belonging, engagement, loyalty, and ownership are born. This level of trust is empowering and sets the stage for innovation and excellence. Have you ever thought about the importance of empathy in building trust? How do you build trust? What would you add to this discussion? Follow Danny Langloss for leadership, mindset, and motivation content.

Have a fantastic Friday and weekend!

With Gratitude,

John Sanders, ACC 'the coach' Leadership & Clinician Coach "do what you love in the service of those who love what you do" Mobile: 425-830-9679

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