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Smoke Gets in your Eyes, Nose & Lungs

I had this same anxiety when we were first locked in with Covid. Stuck in the house, things needed to get done but we knew we shouldn't go anywhere unnecessary. I got out of that rut by focusing my energy in the garden and built a new pathway. My garden is where I lose all sense of time. But now - there is the overwhelming frustration of being stuck inside due to unhealthy air. I can't even go out and enjoy one of my favorite pastimes, pulling weeds. There are many organizing things I can do inside the house, but I let myself fall into the trap of missing what I don't have or can't do. So excited to get a book from #BreneBrown in the mail today. I love her suggestions on how to index a book as read so you can save quotes, note what you want to do more research on or have discussions with friends and family. I signed up for the webinair series, I mean what else do we have to do? I can't wait to dive in, especially while I am waiting for the air to clear once more. #thegiftsofimperfection.

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