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How is your Mental Muscle?


How often do you take time to build your mental muscles?

As much as I wish I could say I do this all the time, the truth is I don't always remember. I still get the daily reminders from my PQ (Positive Intelligence) App but I want to believe that I don't need to continually practice. What I know is that I am a wiser, kinder person when I take the time to practice.

Compare working on your mental muscles to your physical muscles. If you have ever trained for a big sporting event like a marathon for example, you know you need to set aside the time to build your endurance or you are going to be miserable. Once the marathon is over, ideally you will want to still keep running, but you won't need to do the grueling workout you did in order to prepare.

If you have taken the Positive Intelligence course, think of that as your marathon. Once you have completed the course, you don't need to continue to read and watch the videos, but now that you have invested in yourself, both time and money, don't forget to keep practicing to keep those muscles working smoothly.

Here are a few ideas to will hopefully inspire you to add it back into your daily routine if you have fallen behind.

  1. Start with a morning mediation. You don't have do a long meditation, start short. Take 2-5 minutes of quiet time.

  2. Breath. Remember to take deep breaths, especially during times of stress. Mindfully breath in, and slowly exhale. Notice how much calmer you feel.

  3. Remember to be mindful. Steal a moment now and then to be in nature. Feel your steps when you walk. Listen intently to music. Notice how your food tastes, how the water feels as it goes down your throat when you swallow.

The more you practice the easier it will become to remember. The calmer you will be.

Want to learn more? Here are a few resources.

Insight Timer - a free app for your phone with meditations and continued learning. The classes sometimes have a small fee.

Ten Percent Happier with Dan Harris Podcast - find in your favorite podcast app. Easy listening for your drive and walk.

Daily Mindfulness with Jenny Clifton - short lessons and practices you can do every day.

If you want to talk about setting some goals for your own practice feel free to set up a coaching or discovery call at the link below.

With Gratitude,


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